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Laura Phelps

Reading Roundup

On April 11th I was lucky enough to attend Reading Roundup with several of my RSU1 colleagues.  This is one of my favorite conferences because it is all about literacy, librarianship and the relationship between authors/illustrators and their readers. The highlight of the day for me was the keynote by author Kate Messner.  Earlier in […]

Tech Forum

I went to several really good sessions at the Tech Forum.  The first was “Break the Early Adopter Barrier: Get Everyone On Board!”  I chose this session because I find that I am always really excited to try new tools and technologies with my students, but I tend to get frustrated over time with the […]

Thumbnail : Ideas & Inspiration

Ideas & Inspiration

As always, I came away from ACTEM with new ideas and inspiration. I enjoyed Tony Vincent’s keynote about challenging the status quo and I wish that I had the opportunity to spend more time learning with him. I’d love to know more about how to get mobile devices into the hands of elementary students and […]

Thumbnail : FETC 2011- Raising Reading Achievement in the Technological Age

FETC 2011- Raising Reading Achievement in the Technological Age

Debra Berlin began this presentation with the bold and accurate pronouncement that “The world is going to change with or without you.  Get ready.”  She proceeded to then tell us about the ways in which literacy is changing, highlighting the impressive research that Donald Leu has done on new literacies.  Those of you from the […]