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Teaching about American Indians through Rock and Roll

2 years ago

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I loved this session! In fact, I could totally use the lessons that were shared in class next week. I learned about a documentary called Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World (available for free on Amazon Prime). And a series of lessons that were developed by to accompany segments of the film. The idea behind…

So, what am I supposed to do now?: Mixed Messages on How to Combat Fake News

2 years ago

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Wednesday was a confusing day in regards to media literacy. This is not necessarily a bad confusion. It’s more of a cognitive dissonance which one of my professors in teaching school told me was exactly the state of mind in which the best learning occurs. Danah Boyd’s keynote address, “What Hath We Wrought?” was about…

Raspberry Pi: Texas considers Mac-and-Cheese a vegetable

2 years ago

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What a week! SXSWedu has expanded my horizons through thoughtful discourse with colleagues, inspirational keynote speakers, and new technologies for the classroom. Not only did the conference encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and perform a rap with professional artists, but also provided strategies on how to incorporate hands-on learning, improv, and…

5 Easy, Engaging and Effective Classroom Protocols

2 years ago

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CUE Crafted Protocols Several California Teacher’s presented 5 Useful Classroom Protocols: The website includes these protocols and and other related materials Iron Chef EduProtocol Teams of students spend 10 minutes creating 4-slide, two minute slideshows. Keys:  Quick, Formative, Builds and routinizes research, creation and presentation skills Iron Chef Protocol Description for Teachers Iron Chef Slides…

Hip-Hop in the Science Classroom (not just for science

2 years ago

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A creative and relevant approach to Project Based Learning in the classroom through Hip hop culture. Students build an inclusive community, make connections, create a usable public product with high stakes and ownership. This tactic incorporates the “Love for student culture + Respect their genius = collective effervescence.” Tom McFadden teaches 8th grade science in California Examples of student work Get…

Self Navigating Technology Resources for Students and Teachers Alike

2 years ago

283 words

Founded in 1996, the Tiger Woods Foundation (TGR Foundation) champions breakthrough transformations and equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in school and beyond. “We have humble beginnings and a universal vision: giving students in need the right resources for lifelong success in school, their communities and the working world. We don’t…

Using Videos for Instruction and Assessment

2 years ago

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One of my personal technology goals is to incorporate the use of teacher-created videos for instruction and student-created videos for assessment. This morning I was able to attend two sessions that addressed each of those respectively. The first session was called “Taking Educational Videos to the Next Level”. It involved a panel of presenters each…

Creative Reaction Lab – Rethinking History (to Redesign Our Present)

2 years ago

235 words

I attended a 2-hour workshop that was hosted by Creative Reaction Lab. The group spent the session grappling with the following question: “What role does education play in framing and reframing the cultural histories of Black and Latinex communities?” and “Why are the perspectives of Black and Latinex communities often absent from our telling history?” It…

Service Videos with NextVista (or on your own)

4 years ago

507 words

In my opinion, Rushton Hurley gave the presentation of the week at FETC 2016.  This session on creating service learning videos with students was accessible, relevant, combined multiple content areas and skills, used technology in a meaningful way, and I think students will really like it. NextVista for Learning is a program that encourages students…