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Creative Reaction Lab – Rethinking History (to Redesign Our Present)

I attended a 2-hour workshop that was hosted by Creative Reaction Lab. The group spent the session grappling with the following question: “What role does education play in framing and reframing the cultural histories of Black and Latinex communities?” and “Why are the perspectives of Black and Latinex communities often absent from our telling history?” It was a large and very diverse group in the workshop, which resulted in some fascinating discussion. I really enjoyed hearing the ways in which history educators across the country are trying to make their curricula more reflective of the diversity of the country. I came away from these discussions with a heightened awareness of the content that I choose to include in my curriculum.

Some of the more tangible takeaways for me included…

Rules of Respectful Discussion:

  • Ensure all voices are heard.
  • Actively listen and respect differences in opinions.
  • Use “I” statements
  • Lean into discomfort
  • Address the issue, not the person
  • Be honest and embrace honesty
  • Don’t disclose others’ info without their knowledge and consent

A good definition of “human equity”:

  • Human Equity – when outcomes are not predictable based on someone’s identity

A great video for when I teach about the New Deal and the development of suburbs

A website with tools for not only creating a more equitable curriculum, but also a more equitable community.


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