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Dean Emmerson

Thumbnail : Service Videos with NextVista (or on your own)

Service Videos with NextVista (or on your own)

In my opinion, Rushton Hurley gave the presentation of the week at FETC 2016.  This session on creating service learning videos with students was accessible, relevant, combined multiple content areas and skills, used technology in a meaningful way, and I think students will really like it. NextVista for Learning is a program that encourages students […]

Thumbnail : Tech Non-Negotiables at FETC

Tech Non-Negotiables at FETC

This session began with a high level overview of the ways that young people of today are different than were the young people of previous generations.  Specifically, how young students adapt and embrace new technologies more readily than previous generations because technology is so pervasive.   The discussion swirled around the ease of access to information we […]

Thumbnail : Digital Storytelling: Campfires In Cyberspace

Digital Storytelling: Campfires In Cyberspace

This presentation started with an overview of how human beings have always told stories; as a way to instruct youth, as a way to teach skills, and to maintain history and culture, before then moving into a discussion of how this is changing.  With the ease with which new technologies allow the capture and presentation […]

Thumbnail : Another look at SAMR

Another look at SAMR

Today I attended a session on the SAMR model of technology integration, presented by Lisa Johnson, an education technology person who works with middle and high school aged students, and offers professional development to teachers.  SAMR was developed by Ruben Puentedura, and the name may seem familiar to you because Dr. Puentedura worked in Maine […]

Thumbnail : Education vs Learning at TCEA

Education vs Learning at TCEA

One of the sessions I attended at the TCEA conference today was about education, leadership and technology.  I knew it was going to be worthwhile when I walked in and found the following up on the big screen: “It begins with trust.  Digital leaders must give up control and trust students and teachers to use […]

Thumbnail : Algebra One with Jason Libby, “I kept at it…”

Algebra One with Jason Libby, “I kept at it…”

Judy Harvey and I recently visited with Jason Libby’s Algebra class at Woolwich Central School.  We had heard that Jason’s classes were enjoying success with the new Pearson Algebra One eText licenses that the district purchased, and that Jason was supplementing the eText with other resources such as Khan Academy.  This seemed like a good […]

Thumbnail : iPads…forget what you, “know”

iPads…forget what you, “know”

Today I attended the Apple Learning Tour led by Jim Moulton and Tara Maker, and the most surprising statement of the day was probably this… “One challenge of moving to iPads is shifting people to realize that it is not a small laptop. It’s a completely different tool. Forget what you know and approach iPads […]

Thumbnail : Speech Rights, Discipline and Cyberbullying

Speech Rights, Discipline and Cyberbullying

This was an interesting discussion at the Drummon Woodsum, Technology Policy and the Law workshop.  In it, questions were posed about how to react when students post mean-spirited things about other students on social media sites, via email, etc.  According to the presenters, often times schools will discipline students when it is reported to them […]

Thumbnail : Drummond and Woodsum’s, Technology Policy and the Law Workshop

Drummond and Woodsum’s, Technology Policy and the Law Workshop

This conference by the attorneys at Drummond and Woodsum was excellent.  They are always well prepared and informative, providing a balanced overview of a sometimes dry topic in an engaging manner. The focus of this workshop was technology policies for schools as they relate to computers and electronic devices.  There was a lot of discussion […]

Thumbnail : RSU1 Going to MAINEducation!

RSU1 Going to MAINEducation!

We are delighted to share with you that teachers, ed-techs, nurses, librarians, administrators, and other members of the RSU1 community will be attending the annual ACTEM MAINEducation Conference in Augusta, October 12th, 2012.  Approximately 255 of us will be in attendance! Learn more here.