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ASCD Empower18

Along with my colleagues, I attended the ASCD conference in Boston last weekend. What a tremendous opportunity to network with educators from all across the country. It was a little overwhelming to narrow down what session to attend given all of the options available. One of the better sessions I attended was “The Essentials of […]

Thumbnail : ASCD Conference 2018

ASCD Conference 2018

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with a group of RSU 1 School Leaders at a conference in Boston. As predicted, the level of engagement in sessions varied, but I knew that it only took one inspiring session to be well worth my investment. The Engagement By Design session, presented by Jeff Marshall […]

Thumbnail : 3:1 A Quick Reminder

3:1 A Quick Reminder

This past weekend I attended the ASCD Conference in Boston. One session that had an impact on me was facilitated by Randy Sprick, founder of the organization called Safe and Civil Schools. It had an impact on me because my take away wasn’t a new, improved way of doing something. Instead, it was a humble […]

Thumbnail : Achieving Equity with Open Educational Resources

Achieving Equity with Open Educational Resources

This session Described the growing Open Resources Movement as practiced by Openstax. Textbook costs pose a significant barrier to success for many low-income College Students. Openstax’s mission is to provide high quality, peer-reviewed textbooks for a wide range of courses that completely FREE through their website: The 5-Rs that make materials Free: Materials are genuinely […]

Thumbnail : Think Globally, Act Locally! Discover & Implement

Think Globally, Act Locally! Discover & Implement

MAR 8, 2018 | 10:00AM – 12:00PM ( Lasse Leponiemi – Head of Operations, Partner (HundrED) Jessica Spencer-Keyse – Head of Global Research (HundrED) Summary: The HundrED is a non-profit database of innovative education ideas. The innovations spread across a number of topics in an attempt to allow our ideas cross political boundaries and into […]

Thumbnail : Combat Bias, Interrupt Privilege, Include All

Combat Bias, Interrupt Privilege, Include All

MAR 7, 2018 | 11:00AM – 1:00PM Jillian Bontke, Anti-Defamation League @jbontke, Dr. Rachelle Warren, Anti-Defamation League – North Texas/Oklahoma @rlwarren7, Summary The “Combat Bias, Interrupt Privilege, Include All” workshop was focused on creating a safe space for dialogue about how to acknowledge bias and address how impacts our participation in community and […]

Thumbnail : Pandora’s Headset: The Ethics of VR in Education

Pandora’s Headset: The Ethics of VR in Education

This session was easily the most uncomfortable session I’ve ever attended at a conference, for a variety of reasons (the primary one has already been covered by Cree in his blog post). That said, it came around for me by the end and I left with some new perspectives on VR and AR in education. […]

Thumbnail : Word of the Day: Pinsamt

Word of the Day: Pinsamt

There’s a word in Swedish that means ‘collective embarrassment.’ You know what I’m talking about: your parents crash your slumber party in the 8th grade with a new board game; your buddy overshares around the BBQ and everyone looks away. If it’s cringe-worthy, chances are it’s pinsamt. SXSW Edu might seem like an unlikely venue […]

Thumbnail : Teaching about American Indians through Rock and Roll

Teaching about American Indians through Rock and Roll

I loved this session! In fact, I could totally use the lessons that were shared in class next week. I learned about a documentary called Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World (available for free on Amazon Prime). And a series of lessons that were developed by to accompany segments of the film. The idea behind […]

What Hath We Wrought?

This morning’s eponymous keynote by Danah Boyd was, in a word, bracing. Like a cold bucket of water, Boyd’s thesis – our current media literacy efforts may very well backfire in today’s polarized environments – dampened the mood after yesterday’s uplifting speech by the president of Paul Quinn College. But Boyd’s words were no less […]

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