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Category: Learning

Achieving Equity with Open Educational Resources

3 years ago

193 words

This session Described the growing Open Resources Movement as practiced by Openstax. Textbook costs pose a significant barrier to success for many low-income College Students. Openstax’s mission is to provide high quality, peer-reviewed textbooks for a wide range of courses that completely FREE through their website: The 5-Rs that make materials Free: Materials are genuinely…

Think Globally, Act Locally! Discover & Implement

3 years ago

619 words

MAR 8, 2018 | 10:00AM – 12:00PM ( Lasse Leponiemi – Head of Operations, Partner (HundrED) Jessica Spencer-Keyse – Head of Global Research (HundrED) Summary: The HundrED is a non-profit database of innovative education ideas. The innovations spread across a number of topics in an attempt to allow our ideas cross political boundaries and into…

Combat Bias, Interrupt Privilege, Include All

3 years ago

1379 words

MAR 7, 2018 | 11:00AM – 1:00PM Jillian Bontke, Anti-Defamation League @jbontke, Dr. Rachelle Warren, Anti-Defamation League – North Texas/Oklahoma @rlwarren7, Summary The “Combat Bias, Interrupt Privilege, Include All” workshop was focused on creating a safe space for dialogue about how to acknowledge bias and address how impacts our participation in community and…

Pandora’s Headset: The Ethics of VR in Education

3 years ago

327 words

This session was easily the most uncomfortable session I’ve ever attended at a conference, for a variety of reasons (the primary one has already been covered by Cree in his blog post). That said, it came around for me by the end and I left with some new perspectives on VR and AR in education.…

Teaching about American Indians through Rock and Roll

3 years ago

152 words

I loved this session! In fact, I could totally use the lessons that were shared in class next week. I learned about a documentary called Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World (available for free on Amazon Prime). And a series of lessons that were developed by to accompany segments of the film. The idea behind…