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Category: Tech Ed

Building Empathic Design Through Rigorous Science

2 years ago

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With the end of SXSW Edu, I was most fortunate to have encountered both an amazing piece of technology, paired with a designer who whisks one away with his incredible dedication and commitment to improving classroom instruction and student learning. I had the distinct pleasure of attending a session named “We’re doing gamification wrong: Kids…

So, what am I supposed to do now?: Mixed Messages on How to Combat Fake News

2 years ago

502 words

Wednesday was a confusing day in regards to media literacy. This is not necessarily a bad confusion. It’s more of a cognitive dissonance which one of my professors in teaching school told me was exactly the state of mind in which the best learning occurs. Danah Boyd’s keynote address, “What Hath We Wrought?” was about…

Raspberry Pi: Texas considers Mac-and-Cheese a vegetable

2 years ago

231 words

What a week! SXSWedu has expanded my horizons through thoughtful discourse with colleagues, inspirational keynote speakers, and new technologies for the classroom. Not only did the conference encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and perform a rap with professional artists, but also provided strategies on how to incorporate hands-on learning, improv, and…

Ready to Code: Libraries Supporting CS Education

2 years ago

310 words

One of the sessions  I attended today at SXSWEDU was  “Ready to Code: Libraries Supporting CS Education.”  I was really interested in learning more about this because the little bit of CS ed I’ve done in my libraries has always felt like just a small taste of something that could really nourish our students as…

Self Navigating Technology Resources for Students and Teachers Alike

2 years ago

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Founded in 1996, the Tiger Woods Foundation (TGR Foundation) champions breakthrough transformations and equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in school and beyond. “We have humble beginnings and a universal vision: giving students in need the right resources for lifelong success in school, their communities and the working world. We don’t…

Telling time now comes in colorful and user-friendly formats

2 years ago

241 words

In this world of cutting edge technology, there can often be times where technology surpasses the hands on instruction needed, to not only introduce, but reinforce skills necessary for lifetime success. At the great big world of SXSWedu, I found an incredible piece of technology that fits so well into the curriculum of elementary education.…

Creative Reaction Lab – Rethinking History (to Redesign Our Present)

2 years ago

235 words

I attended a 2-hour workshop that was hosted by Creative Reaction Lab. The group spent the session grappling with the following question: “What role does education play in framing and reframing the cultural histories of Black and Latinex communities?” and “Why are the perspectives of Black and Latinex communities often absent from our telling history?” It…

Digital Videos and Service Projects

4 years ago

102 words

Would you like your students make a video highlighting an area charity? This project will enable students to practice outreach and professional communication, copyright and citation, video editing and revision, while creating a product to share with the world. Rushton Hurley created, a video library and host of a “Service Via Video” contest for…

Tips to Transform Teaching with Technology

4 years ago

158 words

Consider how we use technology in the classroom. Does it provide a substitution such as taking notes online rather than taking notes on paper? Or does it create new possibilities, such as creating a classroom set of notes where all students collaborate and have access to the insights of each other in an efficient, transformed…