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3 Replies to “Tech learning forum in Burlington”

  1. Friday was an eye opening day for me which I am still trying to digest all the information that was shared. I took away that we are moving very quickly with technology in the classroom and that we will need time and training to use it effectively. Admitting that technology makes me nervous, I know that I will need more training in what I am expected to use in the classroom. I do not want to move faster than what myself or the children can use effectively. Time to plan is a huge issue as it takes much more time to find what is the best teaching tool or what sites will provide the best instruction. I felt the excitement of the speakers and their enthusiasm about the positive uses of technology. I just want to make sure we use technology to improve our instruction, not to replace our instruction. As Woolwich will be getting the latest in various technologies, I hope the training is there to help us use these technologies in a way that will teach the students, not just entertain them. Again, the conference was extremely professional and the whole atmosphere was one of learning and sharing.

  2. I agree with Ed that Friday offered a myriad of opportunities to discuss how to best utilize technology to enhance our teaching. In Culinary Arts, we are focused on how to use our iPad lab. As such, I attended an app smack down, during which presenters had 2 minutes to demonstrate an app. The result is the following helpful spreadsheet, which includes age, price, location and synapses. you for this opportunity.

  3. I really enjoyed attending the conference. I was most interested in hearing about how schools are using technology today, especially the trend of adding on-line classes into the mix of what they are offering. I also enjoyed the session on building mobile apps. It got me energized to keep learning about the new app development software that is coming out and how to explore making mobile apps with my students.

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