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Think Globally, Act Locally! Discover & Implement


MAR 8, 2018 | 10:00AM – 12:00PM (

Lasse Leponiemi – Head of Operations, Partner (HundrED)

Jessica Spencer-Keyse – Head of Global Research (HundrED)

Summary: The HundrED is a non-profit database of innovative education ideas. The innovations spread across a number of topics in an attempt to allow our ideas cross political boundaries and into classrooms around the world. Ideas in the HundrED database provide frameworks for cross-curricular, project-based lessons and units. There is also contact information for educators around the world that are open to questions about how to translate their ideas to new settings. Make this site part of your brainstorm for your next game-changing unit.


  1. Are you an educator/innovator/someone else?
  2. What does education innovation for impact and scale mean to you?
  3. What is your main area of interest?

Learning Targets:

  • Educators – How to find and implement global innovations locally.
  • Innovators – How to communicate your innovation in a clear way.

The Problem(s)

  • World is changing faster than schools – gap
    • Students don’t see parts of their education relevant
  • Leapfrog – educational innovations to help accelerate progess
    • HundrED brings them together
  • Las Vegas effect – What happens in the classroom, stays in the classroom.

HundrED Criteria – Seek & Share Inspiring Teaching/Education

  • Innovativeness
    • Value improvement within the context
  • Impact
    • Establish ed for at least a year with demonstrable evidence
  • Scalability
    • Is it adaptable to new environments with considerations of scale
      • Share with the world for free.

The Pyramid

  • 100 innovations a year
  • 10 innovations from a spotlight category (sustainability – this year)
  • 1 submit your own innovations and get help packaging your innovation

Research Process

  • Seek
  • Review
  • Analyze
  • Select

Over 1,400 education innovations in the database

Education Innovations

  • Teacher Development
  • Outdoor
  • Open Educational Resource
  • Character Education

Innovation Examples

  • Design for Change
    • From “can I?” to “I can”
  • Shadow a Student
    • Follow a student for a day in the life to gain insights and empathy on the daily experience of their students.

Educator Brainstorm

  • Discover innovations in your area of interest
  • Think
    • Why would you try an innovation?
    • How would you get someone else to try it?
    • Trash Heroes
    • Partake in Trash Heroes
      • 1. Cruise with your bike
      • 2. Stop and clean the surroundings so that it’s more convenient to dance
      • 3. Dance
      • 4. Take a photo or video about your dance and upload it to social media. Use hastags #trasheroes #rideon
      • 5. Invite someone you know to dance by tagging him or her in the photo or video
      • 6. Change the location and repeat #cleanup #sustainable #why #solarpanels #cycling #cargobikes #dancing #fun #funk #earth #joy
    • Why would you try an innovation?
      • This innovation incorporates social media and social engagement and has real world implications for my students
      • Students will get exercise. We have bikes that could be potentially used at our school to do this unit.
      • Has cross-curricular potential
    • How would you get someone else to try it?
      • Have students write a testimonial or create a video to show their perspective
      • Produce and share media the shows off the work the students are doing


Shuffle Up (Innovators pitch to Educators, Educators provide feedback)

  • Innovation Pitch – (Innovator: Edventures)
    • Project Based Learning
    • Agency
      • Education system is passive, lots of pressure on the educator
      • Create your own learning journey
    • Workshops
      • Teach students skills so they can wayfind in their own journey
      • Find your purpose
        • Wayfinding
        • Skill Building
    • How do I learn? How do I create? How do I improve?
  • Questions (Feedback)
    • Workshops for teachers?
      • Starting to think about design thinking, focus for methods for kids to get comfy with fail
      • IDEO
    • How do I incorporate Design Thinking into my classroom? What is Design Thinking?

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