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Cree Krull

Thumbnail : Word of the Day: Pinsamt

Word of the Day: Pinsamt

There’s a word in Swedish that means ‘collective embarrassment.’ You know what I’m talking about: your parents crash your slumber party in the 8th grade with a new board game; your buddy overshares around the BBQ and everyone looks away. If it’s cringe-worthy, chances are it’s pinsamt. SXSW Edu might seem like an unlikely venue […]

What Hath We Wrought?

This morning’s eponymous keynote by Danah Boyd was, in a word, bracing. Like a cold bucket of water, Boyd’s thesis – our current media literacy efforts may very well backfire in today’s polarized environments – dampened the mood after yesterday’s uplifting speech by the president of Paul Quinn College. But Boyd’s words were no less […]

A Functional Understanding of Autism

In a┬ásession entitled “How ‘Special’ Education Impedes Social Justice,” Alonzo Andrews, director of the University of Texas-San Antonio’s Center for Autism Studies, outlined his understanding of autism within the context of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). To wit: – He contrasted ABA’s understanding of autism with what he called ‘mentalist’ descriptions. Where ABA offers a rigorous […]

Discussing and Teaching About Race in the Classroom

A fascinating panel discussion this morning built on the premise that we must, as educators, discuss race in the classroom. “If you’re still debating this issue, then this session is not for you,” quipped the moderator, Tierney Oberhammer, with a smile. Her three panelists, whom I’ll refer to by their last names (Gross, Tackie and […]