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Thumbnail : Speech Rights, Discipline and Cyberbullying

Speech Rights, Discipline and Cyberbullying

This was an interesting discussion at the Drummon Woodsum, Technology Policy and the Law workshop.  In it, questions were posed about how to react when students post mean-spirited things about other students on social media sites, via email, etc.  According to the presenters, often times schools will discipline students when it is reported to them […]

Thumbnail : Drummond and Woodsum’s, Technology Policy and the Law Workshop

Drummond and Woodsum’s, Technology Policy and the Law Workshop

This conference by the attorneys at Drummond and Woodsum was excellent.  They are always well prepared and informative, providing a balanced overview of a sometimes dry topic in an engaging manner. The focus of this workshop was technology policies for schools as they relate to computers and electronic devices.  There was a lot of discussion […]

Restorative School Practices with Chuck Saufler

The presentation described the comprehensive restorative school practices approach and detailed the benefits and challenges to full implementation.  The Restorative Approach offers a comprehensive framework for improving school climate and culture.  The session discussed and modeled community and problem-solving Circles and discussed Resolution Circles and Restorative  Conferences.  I have a community solving circle script and […]

What’s Happening at the Maine Content Literacy Project

Morse has been an active part of the MCLP for four years now, and we have found it to be a great source for practical strategies on teaching reading and writing across the content areas. The key document is the Thinkquiry Toolkit. There is one published for reading, and we have just been introduced to […]

Philips Lighting Seminar

On Thursday November 8th, I attended a presentation by Philips Lighting Solutions at DeMillos in Portland. We started out with an awesome meal which included an excellent Lobster Stew and Baked Stuffed Haddock. Delicious! There were three presenters from Philips who spoke to the group covering residential and commercial lighting applications. If you’re not already […]

Welcome to the RSU1 PD Blog!

Welcome to the RSU1 Professional Development blog.  If you are attending a conference or other professional development session, please take a few minutes to share your experience.  Tell us about new resources, or new applications for old resources.  Tell us about the ways in which you think these skills you are developing will be of […]

Thumbnail : The Dopamine Tour (or Sustaining Student’s Attention in the Digital Age)

The Dopamine Tour (or Sustaining Student’s Attention in the Digital Age)

Out of all of the sessions that I attended at the Learning and Brain conference, this session on sustaining student’s attention in the digital age was by far the most intriguing, interesting and engaging. Even though the content of the session was incredibly thought provoking on its own, Dr. Judy Willis is a masterful presenter […]


         Sleep.  It goes without saying that we are all better with it rather than without.  We all have our own different tolerances when it comes to lack of sleep, but the manifestations of sleep deprivation are often similar:  irritability, lethargy, or struggling to focus on even the most mundane tasks.  However, […]


Learning target Session outcomes: by the end of the session, participants will have a better understanding of how learning environments need to change in order to better prepare students for tomorrow’s world. Bill Ferriter is a 6th grade teacher in North Carolina who was invited to present at the conference. Bill teaches English Language Arts […]

Learning and the Brain, initial thoughts…

Learning & the Brain In the first two days of this conference there are a few themes that are recurring, and that I think are of immediate interest to many of us. The first is about the debate that goes back and forth concerning multitasking; can it be done, are kids doing it, what are […]

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