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Jennifer Vose

Twitter 101: Why you should tweet

Why should you tweet? Because there are professional educators out there talking about their experiences and successes. Because you can connect with like-minded individuals. Because you can check out tweets from eighty other teachers who have taught the lesson you are about to teach, and by reading their tweets you’all at least be able to […]

Thumbnail : Tech toys

Tech toys

The first presentation I attended at the conference was great fun, as it revolved around toys – tech toys! Our presenter was a tech integrator and teacher from a private elementary school in Washington DC. He teaches kids to think “programmatically,” and engages them from kindergarten on in experiences that have to do with coding […]

Maker Spaces

When is a duck not just a duck? When it is used as the intro to engaging kids in open-ended, hands-on learning, such as the approaches I learned about yesterday in my Maker Space session. Our introductory activity consisted of a bag of Legos and the simple directive to construct a duck. Of course without […]