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Twitter 101: Why you should tweet

Why should you tweet? Because there are professional educators out there talking about their experiences and successes. Because you can connect with like-minded individuals. Because you can check out tweets from eighty other teachers who have taught the lesson you are about to teach, and by reading their tweets you’all at least be able to teach it as well if not better than they did. Because it is at-your-fingertips PD about whatever you are interested in.

Twitter accounts are free – just go to and get set up. Edit your profile (I learned nobody follows an egghead, so give yourself a profile picture) and then start finding people and conversations to follow.

HASHTAGS – hashtags are how tweets are grouped into conversations. You can search for a hashtag and follow the conversation which means you’ll see all the tagged tweets in your feed. There are tons of great Ed conversations! Try out #kinderchat, #scichat, #spedchat, #edchat, #edtech, or #edtechchat.

Some Twitter all stars to follow are @web20classroom, @tomwhitby, @ShellTerrell. Again, search and follow!

You can also share your gmail contacts with Twitter and see if they tweet.

I am proud to report that I’ve tweeted three times today. Follow me, and you can check them out!

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