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Carolyn Nichols

Thumbnail : Raspberry Pi: Texas considers Mac-and-Cheese a vegetable

Raspberry Pi: Texas considers Mac-and-Cheese a vegetable

What a week! SXSWedu has expanded my horizons through thoughtful discourse with colleagues, inspirational keynote speakers, and new technologies for the classroom. Not only did the conference encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and perform a rap with professional artists, but also provided strategies on how to incorporate hands-on learning, improv, and […]

Thumbnail : Hip-Hop in the Science Classroom (not just for science

Hip-Hop in the Science Classroom (not just for science

A creative and relevant approach to Project Based Learning in the classroom through Hip hop culture. Students build an inclusive community, make connections, create a usable public product with high stakes and ownership. This tactic incorporates the “Love for student culture + Respect their genius = collective effervescence.” Tom McFadden teaches 8th grade science in California Examples of student work Get […]

A reflection: The weight of paper is gone!

As I am waiting for my next session, I see a post in my email from google.classroom. A student has recently uploaded their second draft of their RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) paper comparing and contrasting DNA Replication with Protein Synthesis. I then open my google.classroom account and click on their submission. As the paper […]

XQ Super Schools-Seamless Learning where the Classroom Never Ends Rethinking the School model

Instruction is place-based education where classrooms are actually housed within local museums, courthouses, and other urban institutions. Place-based schools are interacting with institutional staff, community educators, and students from across the county. Students are provided with interactive lessons that allow them to move around the exhibits. Powerful relationships are established between school and community. This […]

GreenScreen with Do Ink

Do Ink is a totally cool app where students can place themselves in front of pictures or video-very cool for presentations. Unfortunately it costs $2.99. I could use this in the classroom and kids would be into the creativity of making it.


Experimented with basic coding programs Dot and Dash and Makey Makey. Basically it is Scratch but with three dimensional applications-robots or items that you make yourself. I wonder if IT could make a “library” of materials that a classroom teacher could check out. See my notes page for more info