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Thumbnail : Copyright, Teachers, and the Law

Copyright, Teachers, and the Law

Why You Should Care You cannot escape copyright.  It has become a focus of litigation with high profile cases such as the shutdown of MegaUpload to the Cyber Monday crackdown.  All teachers need to understand it, not just because of the legal implications, but because we frequently use materials from all over the place.  The […]

Thumbnail : Speech Rights, Discipline and Cyberbullying

Speech Rights, Discipline and Cyberbullying

This was an interesting discussion at the Drummon Woodsum, Technology Policy and the Law workshop.  In it, questions were posed about how to react when students post mean-spirited things about other students on social media sites, via email, etc.  According to the presenters, often times schools will discipline students when it is reported to them […]

Thumbnail : Drummond and Woodsum’s, Technology Policy and the Law Workshop

Drummond and Woodsum’s, Technology Policy and the Law Workshop

This conference by the attorneys at Drummond and Woodsum was excellent.  They are always well prepared and informative, providing a balanced overview of a sometimes dry topic in an engaging manner. The focus of this workshop was technology policies for schools as they relate to computers and electronic devices.  There was a lot of discussion […]

ACTEM Conference

I loved having the opportunity to attend the ACTEM conference in Augusta. Most of the sessions I attended were informative and interesting. I learned about some websites appropriate for first graders,  learned about some apps others were using and shared a few of my own, and heard some Apple reps talk about their latest tech […]

Technology Committee (November Meeting)

Sometimes school meetings are dreaded. They are long, there is too much sit time, and forward momentum feels more like wheels in mud. Yesterday’s tech meeting was just the opposite. What a great collection of educators! The agenda was set, the pace was quick, and   we were engaged from beginning to end. Every person […]

Thumbnail : RSU1 Going to MAINEducation!

RSU1 Going to MAINEducation!

We are delighted to share with you that teachers, ed-techs, nurses, librarians, administrators, and other members of the RSU1 community will be attending the annual ACTEM MAINEducation Conference in Augusta, October 12th, 2012.  Approximately 255 of us will be in attendance! Learn more here.

Thumbnail : Woolwich Brightlink 455 Training

Woolwich Brightlink 455 Training

Last Thursday the staff at Woolwich volunteered most of a beautiful sunny day to learn more about the Epson Brightlink interactive projectors that are mounted in classrooms.  The representative from ProAV demonstrated how to connect devices to the boards, and how to use the interactive tools and pointer.  As part of the follow up, the […]

Thumbnail : Look What We Got!

Look What We Got!

We received a grant from Berlin City Auto Group. The 600 dollars will allow us to purchase an interactive whiteboard called a Now! Board. The interactive whiteboard brings lessons to life by allowing students and teachers to touch projected objects, move them around, draw on projected images , etc. Thank you Berlin City!


Learning target Session outcomes: by the end of the session, participants will have a better understanding of how learning environments need to change in order to better prepare students for tomorrow’s world. Bill Ferriter is a 6th grade teacher in North Carolina who was invited to present at the conference. Bill teaches English Language Arts […]

Tech Forum

I went to several really good sessions at the Tech Forum.  The first was “Break the Early Adopter Barrier: Get Everyone On Board!”  I chose this session because I find that I am always really excited to try new tools and technologies with my students, but I tend to get frustrated over time with the […]

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