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Thumbnail : ACTEM 2013

ACTEM 2013

Last Friday I attended the ACTEM Maineducation conference in Augusta.  I look forward to this conference every year and always come away inspired and rejuvenated.  This year the conference felt especially relevant as I eagerly await the arrival of student iPads at the elementary schools. ACTEM organizers always seem to do an amazing job choosing […]

Reading Roundup

On April 11th I was lucky enough to attend Reading Roundup with several of my RSU1 colleagues.  This is one of my favorite conferences because it is all about literacy, librarianship and the relationship between authors/illustrators and their readers. The highlight of the day for me was the keynote by author Kate Messner.  Earlier in […]

Expeditionary Learning National Conference 2013

Expeditionary Learning National Conference 2013 This years EL National Conference had a focused topic of how we can “prepare all students to lead.” I am continually blown away by the high quality work and teaching that is highlighted in Expeditionary Schools. This years conference presented me with further opportunities to enhance my own learning, as […]

Common Core Writing Conference

December 11, 2012 Even though the conference was advertised for K-12, I felt that the content was most helpful to middle and high school teachers. Some key points from my notes: Half of our students will move during their school-age years and the CC will provide more consistency in instruction. Teachers should not be preparing […]

Thoughts on: Help Your Struggling Readers Using Research-based Early Intervention Strategies Conference

Phew!!!  That was quite a conference title!!  The presenter, Sue Brady, broke the conference into five sections: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.  For each section, she gave several active student friendly  hands-on activities.  I will give you an example of an activity for each section. Walk a Sound was an activity for phonemic awareness.  […]

ACTEM Conference

I loved having the opportunity to attend the ACTEM conference in Augusta. Most of the sessions I attended were informative and interesting. I learned about some websites appropriate for first graders,  learned about some apps others were using and shared a few of my own, and heard some Apple reps talk about their latest tech […]

Thumbnail : Look What We Got!

Look What We Got!

We received a grant from Berlin City Auto Group. The 600 dollars will allow us to purchase an interactive whiteboard called a Now! Board. The interactive whiteboard brings lessons to life by allowing students and teachers to touch projected objects, move them around, draw on projected images , etc. Thank you Berlin City!

Thumbnail : DNS second grade team blogs!

DNS second grade team blogs!

Here are members of the second grade team at Dike Newell School helpin one another to use Blogger.

Thumbnail : RSU1 storytellers

RSU1 storytellers

Here are the intrepid RSU1 storytellers out for a morning walk at the Whaleback Middens. We are planning the storytelling festival for March.

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