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Category: Learning

Michael Sorrell and/or Betsy DeVos?

1 year ago

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We started the day with our keynote address by Paul Quinn College president, Michael Sorrell.  An inspiring man with good messages and quotes. Although his journey and task may differ from ours in a variety of ways, the journey and intention for his students matches…or should.  The Atlantic published an article about him, which is well worth…

A reflection: The weight of paper is gone!

1 year ago

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As I am waiting for my next session, I see a post in my email from google.classroom. A student has recently uploaded their second draft of their RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) paper comparing and contrasting DNA Replication with Protein Synthesis. I then open my google.classroom account and click on their submission. As the paper…

Rigorous Whimsy: Understanding through Creativity with Amy Burvall and Dan Ryder

1 year ago

916 words

Monday, March 5: 1:30p-3:30p Amy Burvall @amyburvall Dan Ryder @wickeddecent As I entered the conference room in which Rigorous Whimsy took place, I was already challenged to engage a different part of my brain to answer a simple question: What is your philosophy of teaching/learning? How might we usually be asked to do this you ask?…

21st Century Districts

1 year ago

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21st Century District:   The “Portrait of a Graduate” was laid out clearly, or the manner in which a district portrays a ready and willing graduate was clear.   EdLeader21 presented an interesting, cohesive approach for a district (admin, staff, students, and community) to determine their Portrait of a Graduate.  I would recommend everyone (admin, staff, students, and community) to create…

The Other PBL

1 year ago

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Enhancing Creativity with PBL: Project Based Learning recaptured to align with proficiency and the 4Cs.  We looked at cultural competencies, pedagogy, and the role of teachers.  All the links are helpful with great visuals to guide both planning and evaluating PBLs.  Another take away from the session was the reminder of a single column rubrics, which benefit teachers and students.  Planning is…

Introducing students to the world without a passport, yes indeed!

1 year ago

101 words

What a luxury it would be to reach out across the globe and interact with a matched class, all while collaborating via video conferencing. Well, an initiative of The Kind Foundation, has launched an early stage tool that will allow teachers and their students, the ability to use seamless video conferencing technology, all at…

21st Century Competencies

1 year ago

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SXSWEdu is so full of amazing thinkers and educators, it is seriously difficult to decide which sessions to attend because attending one means not attending another.  I went to several fabulous, thought-provoking sessions today, but the one that left me with the most “hmmmm…” thoughts (as in, it raised questions that I’ll be pondering for…

SXSW Keynote: 3/5/18. Stories of Schooling and being Schooled

1 year ago

253 words

Keynote Address Monday, March 5 : Stories of Schooling and being Schooled  4 Teachers share Moth inspired stories from their Classrooms: Key Elements of Moth Method: (Can be used in class setting) The story must be: True (Authentic) Delivered in 5-10 Minutes  (Must be edited and rehearsed) Involve some element of change in speaker  (Has…

Discussing and Teaching About Race in the Classroom

1 year ago

696 words

A fascinating panel discussion this morning built on the premise that we must, as educators, discuss race in the classroom. “If you’re still debating this issue, then this session is not for you,” quipped the moderator, Tierney Oberhammer, with a smile. Her three panelists, whom I’ll refer to by their last names (Gross, Tackie and…