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Category: Learning

Classroom Makeover: Learning Spaces That Maximize Technology and Collaboration

4 years ago

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I went to the session Classroom Makeover: Learning Spaces That Maximize Technology and Collaboration Presenters: Frances Siracusa and Jennifer Williams For this session, I was looking for new ideas to integrate/organize my classroom centered around technology. Frances and Jennifer gave a lot of good tips for organizing your classroom using Learning Space Design. It seemed difficult…


4 years ago

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Experimented with basic coding programs Dot and Dash and Makey Makey. Basically it is Scratch but with three dimensional applications-robots or items that you make yourself. I wonder if IT could make a “library” of materials that a classroom teacher could check out. See my notes page for more info

Real Teachers, Real Tools: Lesson Design to Differentiate and Accomodate

4 years ago

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I attended the Real Teachers, Real Tools: Lesson Design to Differentiate and Accommodate workshop. The goal for this workshop was to practice utilizing a variety of devices and applications to design and implement instruction to meet accommodations for special education students mainstreamed in a school’s general population. The workshop was based around an equation: Content…

Tech toys

4 years ago

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The first presentation I attended at the conference was great fun, as it revolved around toys – tech toys! Our presenter was a tech integrator and teacher from a private elementary school in Washington DC. He teaches kids to think “programmatically,” and engages them from kindergarten on in experiences that have to do with coding…

Mac Smashing

4 years ago

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“Mac Smashing!  Using Multiple Mac Apps for Creating Innovative Media”, presented by Tad Douce and Matt Lanzoff, took the powerful concept of App Smashing and applied it to Mac computers using a few basic apps.  By doing so, teachers can create engaging media to use in the classroom.  Before the the presenters delved into the…

Elementary: Technology Centers

4 years ago

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Nancye Blair Black presented a fairly basic idea of using centers that many of us have or do practice.  However, she integrates technology.  Her site below offers various resources at upper and lower elementary levels.  It’s well worth looking at, and I’d be happy to answers questions based I what I learned.  

Cyber-Bullying and Explain Everything

4 years ago

462 words

The first session I attended today was all about bullying, with an emphasis on cyber-bullying.  It was nice to refresh some knowledge on bullying, including what does and what does not qualify as bullying.  We talked about the types of bullying, the types of bullies, and the types of victims.  I also found it very…

FETC: Adobe Apps with Kathy Shrock

4 years ago

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I attended a session with Kathy Shrock in hopes to walk away with great app ideas to help with integration across the curriculum. The workshop offered an assortment, which included a few useful and others more for the aesthetics in presenting. Since we all have different ideas and intentions, I’ll list most of them with…