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FETC: Adobe Apps with Kathy Shrock

I attended a session with Kathy Shrock in hopes to walk away with great app ideas to help with integration across the curriculum. The workshop offered an assortment, which included a few useful and others more for the aesthetics in presenting. Since we all have different ideas and intentions, I’ll list most of them with a side note with my take aways.

Adobe Slate: A cool app to use for webpages and posts, as well as some basic visual presentations for students.
Popplet & Adobe Voice: These would go well for persuasive or informational projects. Either could be used in isolation, but Kathy suggested using Popplet for planning and copy into Adobe Voice.
Adobe Brush (part of Adobe Capture) & Adobe Photoshop Sketch: I’m still not entirely sure of where this might be utilized in class that is worthwhile, but neat to create prettier forms and such. An example offered in the workshop was leaf identification.
Adobe Photoshop Mix: This was cool in creating greenscreen ideas. You can merge images. I would use this for historical periods and events allowing students an opportunity to identify connections and such. Short and somewhat simple anticipatory sets if not more.
Adobe Post: A cool app to use for literary devices or such, or possibly studying nonfiction events and people.
Celtx Shots  & Canva: An example of “mashing”, which I learned is merging apps with purpose. These allow you to create a storyboard of images and turn them into a video presentation.

It’s a lot to take in at once, but I would suggest checking out one of the ideas presenting and going for it. The apps included here are all free. For me, the most useful apps seemed to be Popplet (all sorts of uses) and Canva (very cool).

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