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Building edu apps with Google Classroom, Blockly, and Poly.

The G-Suite is the gift that keeps on giving. This fast paced session offered a quick overview of progress being made to make Classroom even better (compatible G.Classroom apps),  as well as coding offered via Blockly  and augmented reality in Poly.  While understanding that many of you either know these or may be overwhelmed by them, it worth nothing that it’s all great stuff that our students need in order to be literature 21st century learners.  A standout is Quizizz for those of you so inclined to check it out.  For those of you that already have connections to these “easy to use with G.Classroom” apps, please do share your experiences.  I’d love to meet and share more after I get a chance to use these tools in the classroom.  Let me know if you’re game to collaborate or share.

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