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Media Literacy: Do we teach this, or do we teach and model empathy?

Image result for danah boyd The answer may be all of the above.  Danah Boyd was our keynote speaker today.  A very smart woman with a load of insight into media literacy, which was mostly terrifying (mild exaggeration).   It was too much to summarize in a blog post, or maybe it’s just that I’m still processing.  When her talk is posted, I’ll share it in the message. However, my takeaway was that empathy is the key to deep change.  This conference has embedded empathy throughout many sessions, and I have to be honest that I was quite fully making the connection until this talk.  As a district, how and where do we address empathy in a meaningful and connected way?  It seems like an important question that we need to answer preK-12, while including the families and community beyond our classrooms.

Talk is posted:  Danah Boyd at SXSW Edu 2018

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