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Cultivating Critical Consciousness at SXSWEDU

By accident, I started and ended my day with the same theme of critical consciousness (and enjoyed several tech-related sessions in between).

This morning’s keynote by Michael Sorrell (which Mary has already written about) was so inspiring and his keys to creating a movement are so powerful:
(Sorry for the bad photo)

The last session I went to today was unlike anything else I’ve attended and it was amazing!  Two Houston educators have teamed up to create KineticVibez and their mission/passion is building student mindfulness and critical consciousness through hip-hop and yoga.  Hip-hop and yoga might seem like very different practices, but together, they give kids tools to explore their inner selves as well as tools to creatively express themselves.  And, they use technology to produce music! How awesome is that?

IMG_0612 IMG_0617

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