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Get A Personalized Instruction Easily

The goal for the workshop Get A Personalized Instruction Easily, presented by David, was to find tools you can personalize with for your students. Personalization is the next step to differentiation. Why personalization? Because kids come in with different knowledge, strengths, weaknesses and interests. We can’t just teach them all the same way. Technology becomes a way for kids to create and open up choices. With out it, “a teacher would live under their desk.”

How do I start?

1. Get to know your kids

2. Give them some background content

3. Let them create

4. Give them choices in what they create

5. Give them choices that fit their interest

6. Reassess and make sure they got it (doesn’t have to be a test)

Here is the website we used to explore various apps we can use to assess, get to know our kids, and to design personalized presentations:

The apps on this website allow you to create interactive white boards, surveys, videos and quizzes. 

We had a great conversation about direct instruction. David made a clear point that direct instruction is not dead! Kids still need it! However, we can personalize it. We can give them a mix of flipped and direct instruction and let them choose . For example, we can take flipped videos with content and make them a conversation between the teacher and students. The flipped video can become a power point presentation where you can stop the video at any point and have a class discussion. It can also become a center or homework.

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