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Category: Learning

Digital Storytelling: Campfires In Cyberspace

6 years ago

407 words

This presentation started with an overview of how human beings have always told stories; as a way to instruct youth, as a way to teach skills, and to maintain history and culture, before then moving into a discussion of how this is changing.  With the ease with which new technologies allow the capture and presentation…

Austin = Capital of . . .

6 years ago

225 words

This clean city of Austin is both culturally eclectic and gastronomically diverse. Its people use the word “capital” as a surname for many of local attributes; particularly government, live-music and food. But what about technology? After three short days I’m ready to declare Austin a technological capital. This conference (TCEA) showcases much of this informational…

Another look at SAMR

6 years ago

356 words

Today I attended a session on the SAMR model of technology integration, presented by Lisa Johnson, an education technology person who works with middle and high school aged students, and offers professional development to teachers.  SAMR was developed by Ruben Puentedura, and the name may seem familiar to you because Dr. Puentedura worked in Maine…

“Becoming Close Readers of Complex Text EL Institute”

6 years ago

289 words

Back in November, I went to “Becoming Close Readers of Complex Text EL Institute” in Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of this institute was to model “Close Reading,” explain why it is important and demonstrate how to select appropriate complex texts for specific purposes. Close reading is when many different strategies are used to understand chunks…

American Association of School Librarians National Conference

6 years ago

754 words

Last week I attended the American Association of School Librarians National Conference in Hartford, CT.  It was amazing to be surrounded by so many librarians and to have the opportunity to hear some of my favorite authors speak.  While the primary focus of the conference was on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards,…