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Austin = Capital of . . .

This clean city of Austin is both culturally eclectic and gastronomically diverse. Its people use the word “capital” as a surname for many of local attributes; particularly government, live-music and food. But what about technology? After three short days I’m ready to declare Austin a technological capital. This conference (TCEA) showcases much of this informational richness.

Despite Texas’ technological advantage, TCEA also reminds us of our own edge – our resourceful and committed employees. Austin may offer proximity to R&D, but many districts have not granted students 1 to 1 device access. Furthermore, many teachers have no idea how to implement programs we take for granted. Consider Pages, eBackpack and iMovie. These are part of our daily vocabulary. However, many here do not have these tools in their toolbox.

This is not to say we at RSU 1 can afford complacency. After all, I suspect very few of us have all the right tools for every job a teacher must perform. For example, do you realize you can increase classroom efficiency by using QR codes. Well, you can! At the same time do you also realize that in five years QR codes will most likely be rendered obsolete? I’m sure you do. But this is why technology both excites and frustrates us. Upon our return I look forward to helping you feel more excitement and less frustration.

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