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As you buzz around this conference and network with as many people as possible, it is easy to come away with a vast list of information. I’ve included a few highlights of my day. The first treasure was meeting Robb Ross at the Infinite Campus booth. Robb took the time to show me everything I ever wanted to learn about the IC grading program. My first 20 minutes were almost worth the entire conference. I was incredibly excited to learn about some simple steps that summarizes entire classroom performance that includes assignments, grades, missing work, etc.. If you need help beyond the help menu – contact or maybe I could show you.
Next was Sketch Up, The Power of 3-D was presented by Ann Marie Quirion Hutton. While waiting for class to begin, I even learned about a doctor who grows stem cells for orthopaedic problems with joints. A promise for the future…for all of us as we age. Ann Marie gave a great overview of the sketch up program and sent around a notebook that I’d be happy to share. I can’t say I feel confident using the program, but I do have enough information to get my students started and inspire those who are already comfortable. I’d be happy to share the notebook with anyone interested. What impressed me most is that this program is the professional version used by architects. It is rather complicated, but amazing for those who want to take the time to learn it.
A visit with Jim Moultin is always a wealth of information. I was familiar with many of the MLTI features, yet I was ashamed that I hadn’t checked out the Ultimate Reference Suite in a while. There are tremendous animations, graphics and text to support our science program. Don’t overlook it.
Integrating Google Earth, presented by Rebecca Ranks was inspiring. Go to this site for some tremendous journeys, especially in literature. Rebecca has made a web page available that explores many features of Google Earth for educators and has added a link to Google LitTrips. I think I’ll visit my family roots in Italy soon – the village looks incredible.
A great conference as usual that adds so much to our curriculum.

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