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Some things are obvious, some are not…

First session was full so I stumbled into one on using Sketch-up which is part of the mlti suite. Powerful design program and I received a noteshare tutorial on how to use Sketch-up and will share with anyone. I have shown this to my G/T students and one of them has chosen to learn it when there classwork is done. I showed it to my partner teacher and she wants to use it to design things at home!

Tools and Tricks
Spotlight is the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar beside the time. If you can’t find something type it in the search bar and your computer will locate it for you. If you need a definition a dictionary pops up; if you want a calculator it pops up.
WriteRoom-find it on spotlight and it will turn the screen all black except the text is green. It is good for some students by getting rid of distractions. has resources like the mlti minute to give info and how-tos about programs and applications.
Noteshare has an audi recording button. If you make a page for each student you can do things like record them doing oral fluency sessions that are date and time stamped. You can collect reading progress over time. You can also add photos and video to pages.
Noteshare has built in math manipulatives pages from NLVM National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
Ultimate References Suite-type this in spotlight and you will have resources without the internet needed-Homework Helpdesk, Dictionary, Learning Games and Activities, and much more and CHECK IT OUT!
Itunes radio-go to khan academy for help-also on youtube videos.
Schooltube– is like youtube but with school topics only with student published work and teacher resources
command Option Shift V paste into a document with matching formatting on your current text and font choices.
epubs-you can create and publish books which can then be downloaded to ipads just like any other purchased book. I really did not get the details enough to share but Abby Luchies was getting it beside me.

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