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Creating an Elementary Ed-Tech Toolbox

Creating an Elementary Ed-Tech Toolbox

This session was meant more for technology coordinators or instructors who are designing technology curricula.

Bellow are some resources found in GoogleDocs and other websites that can help teachers and technology/media specialists build a foundation of tech expectations for each grade level.

Todays is a forum where members of a group are given a URL and then can access a message board where each person can comment.

What are the base tech tools for the toolbox?

This GoogleDoc created by our presenter includes links to sample Tech Standards and a PreK-6 technology curriculum.

-The Sample Integration Links offer expectations for a technology coordinator for each grade level, as well as sample activities for units and the standards that are covered in each unit.

There is also a keyboarding scope and sequence for each grade level.

Our presenter was inspired by which has lesson plans for digital citizenship activities and other technology resources for teachers/administrators.

This GoogleDoc lists free Keyboarding Resources by grade level:

Bellow are examples she provided on how students are able to meet the same standard, I can present on a topic using technology, throughout the grade levels.


PicCollage: Kindergarten students made a PicCollage on a particular landform

Link to the LessonPlan :

Sixth Grade:

Glogster: a website where students create a digital poster where you can add movies, pictures and text to present on a topic.

Students selected a Glogster template for their presentation on a body system.

Lesson Plan:

Sample Rubric:

How do you know an app is good quality?

A good app should:

-fulfill its description

-have minimal or no log-ins

-be free of ads whenever possible

-give voice guidance

-be interactive and easy to follow

-have exporting options

Websites for help choosing quality iPad apps: (can subscribe and get a weekly newsletter with new apps)

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