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16 Websites/Apps to Use Across the Curriculum

This was a high energy presentation focusing on exposing the audience to as many tech tools as possible in the time limit. We got to 16 in 2.5 hours! Below is a brief explanation of each Website/App. Most of these are directed to upper-elementary-high school. Both presenters worked with high school students so their ideas were mainly directed at 9-12.

1. KaHoot! : group quiz website, fun and interactive, results can be put into an Excel spreadsheet, teachers also can search already created KaHoot!s

2. Evernote: Free app/website, can add premium ($50 a year). Evernote can be used as an organizing format for a paperless classroom or an online classroom. Evernote will help you with note taking, collaborating and having students submit assignments online. Students can record audio and add pictures to notes. They can also add tags to their notes and organize them in folders so that they can find things easily.

3. ReciteThis: Website that creates an artwork/poster around a quote of your choice

4. Today’s Meet: Website : where you can create your own classroom chat page. Students have no logins, they simply type in their name and begin chatting. This website is a great way to encourage discussion separate from raise your hand and be called on. The chat page can last up to one year or as little as two hours. If students are familiar with Twitter, this is a similar more limited format that they may find engaging. Another option is to use it as an exit ticket where students can type a short summary of what they learned. This provides an instant check for understanding/feedback. You can also print out the conversation or take a screen shot.

5. Thinglink: free app where you can add labels, videos or weblinks to pictures. This app is similar to an online cork board, and can be embedded onto websites. Students do need to create a login, but a teacher could create one class login if students all want to work on the same forum.

6. need a login, website to create infographics, a great way for students to present data, statistics and facts in a visually friendly way, an alternative to the PowerPoint! The infographic an be printed out to be a handout or shared as a document. There is also an option for multiple students to be working on the same Easelly document using the group feature

-PowToon: a website for designing animated presentations. You can sign up for free, but for a class account it can cost about $1 per student. Students can add music, text and animation to make presentations more interesting and engaging.

-Animoto: website free version allows for about 30 seconds for creation. Students can add pictures, text, and music to make commercials, book trailers, or introductory presentations. High quality pictures are important!

-Go Animate: website where, after choosing a temple, students add dialogue and the characters will appear to speak that text

-Video a website for students to take notes while watching videos. It records the time in the video the notes were taken so the student can go back and find the exact moment in the video where something occurred. 

-Insta Grok: free mind mapping website where the teacher can adjust the difficulty of text. Once the student types in a subject the website will create a map for them with different things about that topic, videos, websites etc. with each each subject creating a new map from there, and once you have a map established it will create a quiz for the student. educational videos and lessons, also can create your own lessons and add think questions for each video, you share the link so students can access it

-We Join In: an online sign up forum where you can list available times and they can sign up for one time with their email, when they sign up they get an un-do code if they want to go back and change their time. Would be a great option for parent teacher conferences and can choose if names can be seen or not to protect identity.

-Formative: a free website where teachers can create a short lesson/question that students answer on their own devices shared with a class code. Teachers can see student responses in real time on one home screen. Teachers can grade and give feedback to each students’ response.

-Write About: online publishing website for students, they have the choice of keeping their work private or public, can get a free account for up to 40 students and the price will go up from there.

-Explain Everything: $10 presentation app that has many possibilities as far as animating, creating video, adding audio and sharing ideas with your class or could be an option for your students to create their own presentations

-Poll Everywhere: website where you can poll your class with a question

-Blendspace; online lesson creating form where you can add videos, websites, questions and get a live report of what students are watching, clicking on and responding to

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