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Dean Emmerson

Thumbnail : District Technology Committee meets

District Technology Committee meets

This morning we have been reviewing technology standards and ways to gauge he effectiveness of integration. Currently, the committee is working in small groups to discuss digital resources, staff development opportunities, and a survey of staff to discuss what we need to move technology integration forward. Great start to the day!

Some things are obvious, some are not…

Sketch-up First session was full so I stumbled into one on using Sketch-up which is part of the mlti suite. Powerful design program and I received a noteshare tutorial on how to use Sketch-up and will share with anyone. I have shown this to my G/T students and one of them has chosen to learn […]



As you buzz around this conference and network with as many people as possible, it is easy to come away with a vast list of information. I’ve included a few highlights of my day. The first treasure was meeting Robb Ross at the Infinite Campus booth. Robb took the time to show me everything I […]

Thumbnail : ACTEM Follow-Up

ACTEM Follow-Up

The ACTEM conference is always something I walk away thinking, “Wow! I can’t believe we have technology that can do those things!” Here are a few websites that are worth checking out: gWhiz- the leader in educational apps Kerpoof Studio Prezi- Zooming Presentation I was inspired by the key speaker at the end of the […]

Carolyn’s post

Carolyn Nichols asked me to post this link for her.  She attended a session with Barbara Greenstone about technical writing and vocabulary.  You check check it out here.

Thumbnail : Bookmarks from the Workshops

Bookmarks from the Workshops

Just a collection of Bookmarks collected while listening to The Keynote Patrick’s presentation on how to make Inservice work Free Painting and Art programs on the Web, and Inside Google Apps A very worthwhile day. Bookmarks p.p3 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Times; color: #0000ee} p.p4 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px […]

Quotes of the Day

There were two quotations that I heard on Friday at ACTEM that really resonated with me. The first was said by our keynote presentator, Tony Vincent. He reminded us all that, “Our students will have computers in their pockets for the rest of their lives. We need to teach with that in mind.” He challenged […]

Social media; employing tools that will change your schools

Social media; employing tools that will change your schools Patrick Larkin, principal from MA This session was promoting the use of social networking tools to communicate with parents, students and community. Principal Patrick Larkin has taken the approach that because everyone is using them, that schools should as well. Here are some highlights… Digital Citizenship […]


Good news the right click to add assignments in Infinite Campus’ grade book should be back in the new rollout, one or two weeks. JMask

Thumbnail : Learning to Bump

Learning to Bump

Some of the team learned about an app for their smartphones that allows you share photos, contacts, or other files by “bumping” fists.