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XQ Super Schools-Seamless Learning where the Classroom Never Ends Rethinking the School model

Instruction is place-based education where classrooms are actually housed within local museums, courthouses, and other urban institutions. Place-based schools are interacting with institutional staff, community educators, and students from across the county. Students are provided with interactive lessons that allow them to move around the exhibits. Powerful relationships are established between school and community. This […]

Thumbnail : RSU1 at SXSW Edu in Austin TX,  March 5 – 9, 2018

RSU1 at SXSW Edu in Austin TX, March 5 – 9, 2018

Eight RSU1 Teachers and Tech Staff are attending the SXSWEdu Conference in Austin, Texas. Here is the Schedule of Events for Monday, March 5, 2018 Look for updates on our experiences later today

Thumbnail : Service Videos with NextVista (or on your own)

Service Videos with NextVista (or on your own)

In my opinion, Rushton Hurley gave the presentation of the week at FETC 2016.  This session on creating service learning videos with students was accessible, relevant, combined multiple content areas and skills, used technology in a meaningful way, and I think students will really like it. NextVista for Learning is a program that encourages students […]

Thumbnail : Teach Skills to Students with Autism through Effective iPad Use

Teach Skills to Students with Autism through Effective iPad Use

This session was all about working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The iPad apps discussed: Proloquo2go Pictello Doodle Buddy Presenter was a Behavior Analysis Specialist, she noticed that many ASD students are just using the iPad to self-stimulate, not truly as a learning tool. Behavioral Challenges for ASD students -Agression -Self-Injury (SIB self injuring […]

Thumbnail : 16 Websites/Apps to Use Across the Curriculum

16 Websites/Apps to Use Across the Curriculum

This was a high energy presentation focusing on exposing the audience to as many tech tools as possible in the time limit. We got to 16 in 2.5 hours! Below is a brief explanation of each Website/App. Most of these are directed to upper-elementary-high school. Both presenters worked with high school students so their ideas […]

Educreations: Cross-Curricular Creation on the iPad

  Educreations: Cross-Curricular Creation on the iPad Educreations is: –an interactive whiteboard app -can be used instead of whiteboards in math class -an option for flipped classrooms –a way for students to demonstrate mastery: summative assessment for a unit Options for this app: Basic version –free -can save one draft at a time which can […]

Twitter 101: Why you should tweet

Why should you tweet? Because there are professional educators out there talking about their experiences and successes. Because you can connect with like-minded individuals. Because you can check out tweets from eighty other teachers who have taught the lesson you are about to teach, and by reading their tweets you’all at least be able to […]

Get A Personalized Instruction Easily

The goal for the workshop Get A Personalized Instruction Easily, presented by David, was to find tools you can personalize with for your students. Personalization is the next step to differentiation. Why personalization? Because kids come in with different knowledge, strengths, weaknesses and interests. We can’t just teach them all the same way. Technology becomes a way […]

Digital Videos and Service Projects

Would you like your students make a video highlighting an area charity? This project will enable students to practice outreach and professional communication, copyright and citation, video editing and revision, while creating a product to share with the world. Rushton Hurley created, a video library and host of a “Service Via Video” contest for […]

Creating an Elementary Ed-Tech Toolbox

Creating an Elementary Ed-Tech Toolbox This session was meant more for technology coordinators or instructors who are designing technology curricula. Bellow are some resources found in GoogleDocs and other websites that can help teachers and technology/media specialists build a foundation of tech expectations for each grade level. Todays is a forum where members of […]

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