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Category: Learning

5 Easy, Engaging and Effective Classroom Protocols

3 years ago

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CUE Crafted Protocols Several California Teacher’s presented 5 Useful Classroom Protocols: The website includes these protocols and and other related materials Iron Chef EduProtocol Teams of students spend 10 minutes creating 4-slide, two minute slideshows. Keys:  Quick, Formative, Builds and routinizes research, creation and presentation skills Iron Chef Protocol Description for Teachers Iron Chef Slides…

Ready to Code: Libraries Supporting CS Education

3 years ago

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One of the sessions  I attended today at SXSWEDU was  “Ready to Code: Libraries Supporting CS Education.”  I was really interested in learning more about this because the little bit of CS ed I’ve done in my libraries has always felt like just a small taste of something that could really nourish our students as…

Media Literacy: Do we teach this, or do we teach and model empathy?

3 years ago

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 The answer may be all of the above.  Danah Boyd was our keynote speaker today.  A very smart woman with a load of insight into media literacy, which was mostly terrifying (mild exaggeration).   It was too much to summarize in a blog post, or maybe it’s just that I’m still processing.  When her talk is…

Self Navigating Technology Resources for Students and Teachers Alike

3 years ago

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Founded in 1996, the Tiger Woods Foundation (TGR Foundation) champions breakthrough transformations and equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in school and beyond. “We have humble beginnings and a universal vision: giving students in need the right resources for lifelong success in school, their communities and the working world. We don’t…

Using Videos for Instruction and Assessment

3 years ago

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One of my personal technology goals is to incorporate the use of teacher-created videos for instruction and student-created videos for assessment. This morning I was able to attend two sessions that addressed each of those respectively. The first session was called “Taking Educational Videos to the Next Level”. It involved a panel of presenters each…

Designing Lessons: Tips from Improv & Engineering

3 years ago

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MAR 6, 2018 | 11:00AM – 1:00PM Amar Dev ImprovPD Rachel Fahrig @rfahrig Education Consultant Pius Wong @piuswong Engineer & STEM Instructor Pios Labs Activator Question Descriptive activity – with pictures Planting daffodils Nacirema activity American spelled backwards When Designing Lessons Engagement of Students Creating Community – Culture of Learning Real Life Application Rigor Not…

A Functional Understanding of Autism

3 years ago

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In a session entitled “How ‘Special’ Education Impedes Social Justice,” Alonzo Andrews, director of the University of Texas-San Antonio’s Center for Autism Studies, outlined his understanding of autism within the context of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). To wit: – He contrasted ABA’s understanding of autism with what he called ‘mentalist’ descriptions. Where ABA offers a rigorous…

Building edu apps with Google Classroom, Blockly, and Poly.

3 years ago

142 words

The G-Suite is the gift that keeps on giving. This fast paced session offered a quick overview of progress being made to make Classroom even better (compatible G.Classroom apps),  as well as coding offered via Blockly  and augmented reality in Poly.  While understanding that many of you either know these or may be overwhelmed by them, it…

Cultivating Critical Consciousness at SXSWEDU

3 years ago

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By accident, I started and ended my day with the same theme of critical consciousness (and enjoyed several tech-related sessions in between). This morning’s keynote by Michael Sorrell (which Mary has already written about) was so inspiring and his keys to creating a movement are so powerful: (Sorry for the bad photo) The last session…

What Do Early Childhood Teachers Want From Tech?

3 years ago

433 words

This was a panel discussion with the founder and CEO of, Charles Best, and three early elementary teachers who won  the DonorsChoose innovation challenge. Best surveyed over 300 early elementary ed teachers and found that 90% of them wanted to be using more tech in their classrooms, and 60% wanted to find ways to…